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Ian McIlroy Photography

Hello there, and welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy having a look around, and that you like what you see.

I have been a keen photographer for many years now, and have recently qualified with a Diploma in Professional Photography, a course which has covered just about every field of photography, equipping me with the knowledge and ability to meet your needs or requirements.

For me, photography has become a way of life. I look at everything as if its through a viewfinder, and try to imagine that scene as an eye-catching, breath-taking photograph. That is how I approach every assignment, settling only for the best.

But don't get me wrong. I love having a laugh. I love messing about. I love making people feel at home and at ease. That's when the best photos are taken. Photos where the viewer not only sees, but feels the picture. Photos which make a lasting impression.

Have a look for yourself, then contact me for details on how I can create some wonderful memories for you too!! I am based mainly in the Larne, Carrickfergus and East Antrim area, but could possibly travel further afield to meet your requirements.

Thank-you for visiting